Summary in English

The Office of the Åland Ombudsman is an independent equality body responsible for promoting equal treatment and non-discrimination as stated in Åland legislation. Prohibited grounds for discrimination under current Åland legislation are sex (including gender identity and gender expression), sexual orientation, age, ethnic origin, religion, creed or other conviction. If you have experienced discrimination, or have any queries concerning equal treatment, you can contact the Åland Non-Discrimination Ombudsman.  Depending on the case at hand, you might be redirected for further assistance from the authorities in mainland Finland. However, you are always welcome to contact us with your queries. We provide advice and information.

The Children’s Ombudsman is tasked with monitoring the welfare of children and youth in Åland and shall influence decision-makers from the viewpoint of children and promote the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child.

The Ombudsman for Patients and Clients can help you with information and advice about your rights related to health care and social welfare services. The Ombudsman will help you if you are not satisfied with the care given by public or private health care providers or the assistance you have received from the municipal social services. The Ombudsman can also assist in case you would like to file a complaint regarding the services you have received.

The Office of the Åland Ombudsman also offer advice for consumers regarding consumers’ rights and obligations. The Consumer Rights Advisor provides free guidance and mediation in disputes.  

All our services are free of charge. We treat your information with confidentiality in accordance to data protection legislation.

You can contact the staff as indicated below, by phone or e-mail. Please take care never to send any sensitive personal information by e-mail.

You can also book an appointment and visit us at our office on: Elverksgatan 10, Mariehamn.


Discrimination and Children's rights 

Johanna Fogelström-Duns, Non-Discrimination Ombudsman and Ombudsman for Children, / Telephone 018–25565 

Municipal social services and health care

Benjamin Sidorov, Ombudsman for Patients and Clients, Tel. 018–25267 (Telephone hours: Mon-Fri 9-11am)

Consumer's rights

Tuomas Nymark, Consumer Advisor, Tel. 018–25589 (Telephone hours: Tue-Thu 9-11am)